About Vulcanus program

So, what is this “Vulcanus In Japan” Program?

“Vulcanus In Japan” is an exchange program designed for EU students in the scientific field, oriented for the industry. It concerns every student which lives in an EU membership country. This program is actually during exactly one year, beginning in September of each year and finishing at the end of August of the next year.

It consists of different steps which are:

– A pre-departure meeting, in July,  which is actually held in Brussels: a lot of useful information about the arrival in Japan when you are selected.

– 4-months of intensive learning of Japanese language lessons, beginning in September and ending in December.

– 8-months of internship in a Japanese scientific industry, from January to August. Companies are situated everywhere in Japan, but most of them are near to Tokyo.


How works the selection process:

First, in order to apply to this program, you have to be at least in your fourth year of studies (which means an equivalent of a Master 1 level), and you can apply until you go “out of school”, which means that you can even apply just after a PhD.

If you decide to apply to this program, you will have several documents to fill in (understand by several, A LOT). These documents are all shown on this page, so you can check it if you want. Documents have to be sent before the end of January.

When you will have sent all the documents, a private organism in Brussels will watch at the different application files of each student, and will select approximately 120 students in 900 students. This selection is over at the end of February.

When students will be selected, and if you are among them, you will have to choose two internship subjects in companies which are interesting you, and prepare a beautiful cover letter for this company. Then, the company will receive cover letters from different students of Vulcanus program, and will choose the one they are interested in. Answer is received approximately in the end of April/end of May.

If you are contacted by Vulcanus program with a positive answer, you are among the lucky students which have been selected for going to Japan. Moreover, since they answer to a lot of people by private email at this point, mistake can happen, at least in the way that they can say to you: “You have not been selected, sorry for you” and one week later: “Sorry, it was a mistake” (I quote that because it was my case^^). Furthermore, sometimes at this point, some internships are still available, so they can propose also to send new cover letters for others internships.


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