About me

Hello everyone, welcome to my very first blog!

I’m Anthony Blanquer, 23 years old, coming from Britanny, France. After some adventures, I’ve been accepted in the “Vulcanus in Japan” Program, which is, to be short, an exchange program which will make me live during one year in Japan. You can find more information about the Vulcanus program here on my blog, or here on the website of the program.

First, I’m an engineer/master student and I’m just finishing my fifth year of studies in Chemistry in ECPM (European School of Chemistry, Polymers, and Materials). I will be graduated in November 2015 with a diploma of Master/Engineer student in “Material Science and Nanomaterials”: it’s a mix of both Chemistry and Physics, applied to materials such as nanoparticles, ceramics, semi-conductors, etc.

For personal information, I’m quite considered as a geek (while I will probably never understand why^^). I like to test a lot of hobbies in order to be more polyvalent, but actually, my hobbies are workout (Gym and running), video games (particularly RPG/action), and listening to Metal Music. I’m fond of Surf  but since I was living in Strasbourg (not close at all to the sea),  I have not been able to enjoy this sport for a while. I would like to begin some martial art sports in Japan, while I know it will be probably a bit complicated, and maybe try to surf a little bit in Japan =)

The “Vulcanus In Japan” program consists in four months of Japanese language lessons in Tokyo and eight months of internship in a Japanese company. During this internship, I will work at Mitsubishi Chemical Company, which is apparently close to Yokohama, where I will live during this 12-months. I will do my best in order to learn as much as I can about Japanese language and culture, but also get more scientific skills with this 8-months internship and travel across Japan =).

Ps: Why Grincheux In Japan? Actually, lot of my friends call me Grincheux, which means Grumpy, because I’m like the dwarf in “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”. I’m quite ok with this nickname, no matter the fact that it can sound pejorative, because I don’t really take it as pejorative^^


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