Resume of the first month

I think it’s time to do a new article, and since it make a bit more than one month that I’m in Japan, I will try to draw some kind of resume of my feelings about this first month in Japan!

First of all, Japanese language is as hard as I was expecting: too hard^^ It really asks a lot of work to have the feeling that your level is evolving. Indeed, between the vocabulary, the strange grammatical construction, and the writing which is completely different than ours, it makes a lot of stuff to assimilate at the same time. But at least, I have the feeling that I’m getting better and that I’m learning useful stuff at school!

Then, life is definitively quite expensive in Japan. I was thinking that it was maybe a sort of urban legend, but between transports, food and trips, money is flying from my wallet to nowhere x) For example, restaurant are quite cheap (you can eat really good meal for 4-5 euros in small restaurant), but if you eat at the restaurant each lunch, it begins to make a lot of money. Hopefully, some discount shops exist (I love my dorayaki for 36 yens, which makes 25 cents or something like that^^), and after 21h, the supermarket close to my room put 50% on bento, so I can buy cheap and good food for the lunch =) The most expensive being transportation: since Tokyo is really big, it’s quite mandatory to take metro for some travels, and then money goes out quite easily. Don’t even think of shinkansen, which is damn expensive (round trip for Kyoto: a bit more than 200€). But to counterbalance this, all the kind of gift that you can think about are kind of really cheap, even clothes if you go for example to Uniqlo.

As I said before, transports are quite expensive, which is implying directly something else: trips cost a lot of money! And that’s definitively a big problem because there is really a big amount of things to see in Japan, even without moving too much. Within 1 hour from Tokyo, there is already so much things to see, discover, visit! Each time I’m opening my travelling book for Japan, I’m completely lost by the amount of things I can do. I don’t even think one year is enough to see half of Japan! But nevertheless, I’m quite happy about trips for the first month, because I’ve had time to do a big part of Tokyo area, to go visit Kamakura and all temples, to do the Tokyo Game Show, to climb Fuji-San and some other small things =) Now I’m waiting the Momiji Period (Maple leaves period) to go do some trips around Tokyo, in order to enjoy the autumn colours =)

Last but not least, food! Food is really different from what we can eat in Europe! When you see Japanese restaurant in France, it’s 90% composed of raw fish (sushi, chirashi, maki etc)! And it should definitely not be like this, because it’s not representative at all of what you can eat in Japan! I’ve eat only few times raw fish based meals. Japanese gastronomy is composed of multiples dishes which are much more interesting than sushi! I will make a complete article about which dishes are really amazing in Japan later on the blog, but I can already cited Japanese Curry, okonomiyaki, and ramen for example. In any case, it’s really funny because you eat food in Japan that you will never eat in Europe (Bardane’s roots which is the plant that has inspired the Velcro effect), or even you eat some stuff that you don’t even know what it is x).

To resume, first month was really interesting, in any way that can be possible! I hope the next month will be as enjoyable as this one, and I will try to share with you more pictures of Japanese monuments and landscapes! I will also try to make some more general article when I will have some time =)

Thanks for reading =)


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