Fujisan Climbing

Hello dear readers =)


This week was pretty exhausting but I really want to share with you in some brief lines one little walk: Fuji-San Climbing!

In fact, with two others Vulcanus students, we have decided to rush Mont Fuji before the end of the climbing season, which is today, so we climbed it this weekend, by night =)

First few things to know: Fuji-san climbing is said to be doable by anyone which have a correct physic condition. But you need to be well equipped, for every weather changes during the climbing, but also to be equipped with good shoes, good clothes, etc.  Climbing is said to be quite long, 6 hours to climb it, with some breaks to add maybe.

So, we decided to rush it during night, in order to get the sunrise at the summit. To do so, we’ve left at  19h30 for the 5th station (2300m), counting for 8 hours of climbing slowly with good breaks (huge mistake -_-‘). Indeed, we made it in 4h30 with one hour of break (so 3h30 of pure climbing). And guess what, it’s damn cold up there x)

We have stop at the 2nd eight station for three hours in order to have less wind than at the summit, and then we have wait a bit more than one hour at the top. The waiting was really difficult with the cold weather and the wind. But the worst part was the waiting at the top: really cold but moreover, wind of death! It was so windy that dust and sand were flying around everywhere and we have been forced to put our head face to face with a wall in order to receive as less dust as possible in the face. It was really tough to face all this wind, more difficult that climb it really^^ In fact, climbing is not that hard: as said on information website, it’s pretty doable if you are motivated and well equipped. Also, going down from the summit is really exhausting  because it’s slippery, and that you are already tired from the climbing.


But the best part of it is really all the nice views that you can get, regardless of the moment of the climbing! It’s really awesome, especially the sunrise, which is damn epic if I could say^^ (unfortunately, picture at the top was quite impossible because the wind was carrying too much dust for my phone, and I was not able to take nice picture of it).

Well, in any case, it was really an experience, and I really advise you to do it one day if you have the possibility.

Now, some pictures =)


Nice cloud =)
Nice cloud =)
Mt Fuji from 5th station
Mt Fuji from 5th station
Sunset from the 5th station
Sunset from the 5th station
View by night
View by night



I add also some pictures of my visit of Tokyo imperial palace garden, which was really amazing! I’m really looking forward to do it again when the palace will be open (23th of December).


P50906-145145 P50906-142110 P50906-141008 P50906-131113 P50906-130055 P50906-125611


So now, I think I’ve to go back do some Japanese^^

Thanks again for reading =)



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