Pre-departure Meeting

Hello everyone,

The pre-departure meeting has been held in Brussels. During this PDM, we learned a lot about what’s going to happen when we will arrive to Tokyo in September.  First, we are going to get a meeting with the Japanese side of the EU-Japan center for Industrial Cooperation , and reach our dormitory where we will live during the whole year for some of us, or for only the first four months for some others.

I will live in Yokohama, Tachibanadai: I’m going to get a Japanese style room (which means Tatami and futon to sleep: I guess I will have some fun during the first days^^). Really good point: I’m 30 minutes away from the school where language lessons will be held by train (+ a bit of walking), and 15 min away from the company by foot =). Moreover, there are apparently plenty of things to do around the dormitory!

The school, where Japanese lessons will be held, is located in Shibuya, which is also nice for activity after school. During the 4-months of language lessons, we will have lectures about Japanese culture and we will probably do some activities with the school.

I will skip all the others information, but there were plenty of them which were really useful.

It was also the first time all the Vulcanus participants meet each other and it was really funny =) First, meeting 50 people for the first time and learning a bit about everyone in two days was like marathon: you have to be efficient and hold the distance^^ We hang out together in the center of Brussels and drank some beers (Belgium without drinking beers is not Belgium). We may also have experimented the worst Kebab that exists in Brussels x) It was like composed of French bread, chicken,  peppers and Kebab sauce: it was really not good, and we were not expecting that at all^^

Here is some pictures of those two days =)11136764_10153388284358076_7646295293610651093_n 11698888_10205249130841584_3980725605203771512_o DSCN2439


It is probably the last article until the end of august, when I will prepare my luggage! So, See you in the end of August for all of you =)


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