First contact =)

Hello everyone,

First real post on the blog. Anyway, as you already know if you are reading this, I’m Anthony Blanquer, and I’m going to spend one year in Japan, thanks to the “Vulcanus in Japan” program. If you want to check what is this program, you can check this link, or if you want to know more about me, this one.

Nevertheless, in order to be short, I’m a student in Material Science Chemistry at the ECPM (European School of Chemistry, Polymers, and Materials) in Strasbourg, France, I will be graduated in November with diploma of Engineer/Master. My next year in Japan will be composed of 4-months of language lessons and 8-months of internship, at Mitsubishi Chemical Company in Yokohama, which is close to Tokyo (one hour).

As the Pre-departure meeting will be hold next Monday in Brussels, I decided to create this blog. During this meeting, we will probably get nice information about where we will stay in Japan and how the year will be filled. Moreover, it will be the first encounter with all the others participants, so it will be a great chance to learn more about each other =)

I will give more information after the pre-departure meeting, when I will know more about the beginning of this adventure =)


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